Skydive Dubai

3 Hours
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For those love the adrenaline pumping, skydive is an experience that should not be missed for even the world.


There is no better way to add a flavor of thrill and adventure to your otherwise calm and quiet tours of Dubai, than flying high in to the sky and then taking a plunge to the blue world waiting down there for you. Skydive organized by Liala’s Tourism will let you dive from a height of 4,000 meters from the land and enjoy the wind like never before.

With professionally trained and experienced divers and instructors you will be in the safest hands with enough support equipment to provide you all the safety you need, you only need to free fall and enjoy the experience and feel the moments to cherish for years to come down the lane. The free fall will last for a minute before the instructors opens the parachute and then the descend will last for another five minutes. While falling down, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the skyscrapers and the beautiful landscapes of the city like never before.



  • You will be guided by one of the experienced flying instructor before taking the ride.
  • You take endless and everlasting memories to share with your families and friends.



  • A deposit of AED999 is required to make prior reservation.
  • Only VISA and MASTERCARD is accepted.
  • The remaining balance must be paid when checking in on the day of your jump.



  • Tour Duration : 3 Hours
  • Pick-up Time : TBA
  • Drop-off Time : TBA
  • Reporting Time :
  • Pick-up Point : Direct to Location



  • Admission only is available for group skydiving.
  • Additional cost for transport.
  • Please note that the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Deposits will only be refunded in case of bad weather.
  • Deposits will be refunded if you do not show up for the appointment or are not within the age, weight and BMI mentioned.
  • For ladies wearing Hijab, you can request a female tandem instructors.
  • Please wearable respectable clothing.
  • No inappropriate clothing allowed.
  • A full medical report signed and stamped by your doctor is required to be presented.
  • If the medical report is not provided, you will not be allowed to Skydive.
  • For further inquiries, please call us and we will immediately assist you at the spot.


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