A famous quote says; “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

And, we are those people who take you on a streak to real all the pages.

Gifted by the topographical advantage of being rightly positioned abreast the Eastern and Western worlds, United Arab Emirates is one the fastest growing tourist locations for business and casual visitors from around the world. The fact that the country is also blessed economically and culturally is another significant element that works in great advantage for the country.

Lila tourism is incepted on the idea to provide a myriad of ultracautiously crafted travelling solutions to people who want to visit and experience everything UAE has to offer in all its fine and eclectic glory like never before. With a visionary and travel veteran on the aft of the company, we have branched out to several countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas and still expanding to fulfill the dream of traveling for people live with more wanderlust than anything else in their lives. We strive hard to provide world-class service experience for all our clients irrespective of the size of their requirements. With highly professional and trained staffs well-versed in multiple languages, it is our passion to provide all our guests and customers with the uncompromised service experience they deserve, every instance. Besides in doing so, we also contribute to the larger cause of the country’s economical interests and the vision of attracting more visitors every year.

Our long list of services is carefully updated to include each and every service that a travel needs when they need plan on visiting the UAE. We are fortified with the right people, technology and logistical assistance to carry out everything from visa processing, hotel reservations, meet and assist services, escort assistance, all the related airport formalities and the required transport services that are skillfully woven into impeccable travel and tourism service propositions that our competition can only enviably admire.

It is our unique proposition and vision to help the visitors from around the world to make their time in UAE one of thrill, excitements and never-ending fun and we take enough care to ensure that our clients are able to experience every bit of UAE, the best possible way. Our services include all the important historical, cultural and modern extravaganzas from all the seven emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain that UAE is proud of. We are proud to have created excellent tour and travel solutions that are sure to enthrall, excite and delight each and every client of our beyond imaginations. Our tour packages are conveniently tailored together to take our clients on a stream of never-ending surprises that include all world-famous landmarks and tourist hot-spots and tease you with Mountain and City Tours, the famed Arabian Desert Safaris, adrenaline-pumping Sports and Adventure Tours in ways and means that no one else ever can.

As a responsible and reliable travel itinerary planner and consultant, we also provide you with all the necessary advice and support that you need in planning each and every activity of yours while you are in any part of the UAE.

Through our various tours and travel plans, we ensure that our clients are able to get the best services and your dreams are realized to be the best one you ever had. All our staffs and immense experience would be at your disposal to serve with everything you need beyond all your imagination.


Our vision is to become most trusted and reliable brand that offers a wide variety of tourism and travel related packages and services to customers from across the world and make the brand synonymous with reliability, responsibility and unique service propositions when it comes to tours and travels. In doing so, we endeavor every instance to create a travel culture that embraces quality, matchlessness and uncompromised client service. As a responsible tourism player, we also take all imperative stances to ensure sustainable tourism activities without harming the nature that we are pricelessly blessed with.


Our mission is to craft such travel solutions that will not only match each and every requirements of the clients but also exceed them in every respect. We will strive hard to identify areas where our services need to improve upon the quality to ensure highest value for the money spent by our customers all the while delivering exceptional and unique services propositions that will imbibe the true spirit of travel and leisure in the best senses of the words.


Have you ever wondered why most of customers say what they say? Here is a glimpse of how exceptionally obsessed we are when it comes to supporting our clients every single time.

  • We are love simple; with us there is no complex task; you call us, we best support you and you get the perfect holiday package you want, done deal.
  • We are fast and transparent. With us, you don’t need to wait and we don’t hide anything from you. You are the most important person for us and we feel lucky to be a part of your vacation.
  • Our experience is unmatched; we have supported numerous tourists, wanderers and travel bugs to enjoy their vacation in the best manner possible.
  • One of our specialties is that we have impeccably crafted international cruise holidays that are a class in itself.
  • We are on an expansion role; with seven emirates, numerous uncanny and exciting locations and cities of glittering glamour and vigor, we always have what you want and then more.
  • Our industry presence is the strongest and our extensive network always helps you around wherever you tour.
  • We are proud of the technology infrastructure that backs us up 24×7.

So what are you waiting for? Get the backpack and start exploring!