Sharjah – Ajman Tour

4 Hours
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Experience the best in two cities in one single trip. Embrace yourself in the flamboyancy of Sharjah and agricultural bounty that is Ajman.

Sharjah – Ajman Tour

Though there is more to Sharjah than meets the eye, the emirates shares a close resemblance to the suburbs of Dubai and Sharjah is considerably larger than Dubai with plenty of coastline on the Westa snd the East.  Sharjah has its share of beautiful and striking tourist spots that can make any vacation worth much more than it actually looks. With numerous beautifully created and maintained parks, the enigmatic the Islamic architecture, plenty of museum and villages that hold dear their heritage and culture close to their hearts; Sharjah is perhaps the most underappreciated gem when in the UAE when it comes to travel and tourism. However, the care and love the city shows to preserve its rich culture and heritage for the generations to come, it has been made the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO.

The city tour that we organize is set for a total of eight hours and is divided into two parts—4 hours each for Sharjah and Ajman.

In the first part of the tour, we will take you through Sharjah that starts at 10.00 AM and ends at 2.00 PM.

We will begin the Sharjah tour by driving you to the famous and beautiful King Faisal mosque—the biggest in Sharjah and one of the biggest mosques in UAE. The mosque is well-positioned between Al Jubail bus station and the Central Souq of Sharjah. We will now move on to Sharjah Cultural Square, a famous roundabout that heavily features the Holy Quran and it is a place that must be experienced for all its glory.

We will now take you to the mesmerizing Qanat Al Qasba that must not be missed by any travelers visiting the Sharjah and it is a place of tranquility, serenity and peace. A traveler can experience the breathtaking view of several beautiful settings and lagoons and the alluring horizon of the neighboring extravaganza that is Dubai. You can also get lost in the city that offers plenty of cultural, artistic, leisurely and tourist interests to anyone who wants to experience the location closer. With the Maraya Art Center and the famed Ferris wheel that is called the Eyes of the Emirates, one has enough attractions to spend quality time appreciating the beauty of the city.

As the last itinerary of the Sharjah tour, we will take you to the Central Souq of Sharjah, which is also called the Blue Souk—the name derives itself from the blue dome of the souk. The souk is also a cultural shopping mall that has plenty of shopping options and stores for a traveler looking to get his/her hands on local items and souvenirs. The mall has been built taking extensively advantage of the Arabic architecture and it is on a grand display of the intricacies and details of the architecture. The mall houses around 600 shops and its operations spans over three decades. The mall stands proud of the tranquil spot it has become. From the souk one can get incredible sightings of the Corniche and the Al Jazeera Park.

One we have done with the Sharjah city, we will now move onto Ajman that lies on the borders of the city of Sharjah. The city is on a spree of development and the major tourist draws include shopping malls, historical and cultural spots, shopping malls etc.

We will start the drive to the city at 3.00 PM. We will visit the Ajman Museum that was established as Ajman fort, in the first place. The museum is one of the major tourist destinations where travelers around the world flock to pay a visit.

The city of Ajman also has beautiful and tranquil beaches where we will drive you to, so that you can relax, enjoy and appreciate the immaculate beauty of these beaches.



  • Pick up and Drop off to and from your hotel/residential complex.
  • A highly-experienced, fun and interesting expert tour guide that accurately guides you toward the point of interest.
  • You will be drove inside the city in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • We will provide you free time to explore the areas of interest at your own pace that is Qanat Al Qasba, Sharjah Corniche, King Faisal Mosque, Blue souk, fish market, Islamic Art museum and Ajman beach.



  • Private tour for 2 persons are as low as AED550 only.
  • Private tour for up to 4 persons are as low as AED880 only.
  • Private tour for up to 8 persons are as low as AED1155 only.
  • Children under 3 years of age ride for free.
  • The Sharjah-Ajman city tour duration is for 8 hours. 4 hours in Sharjah and 4 hours in Ajman.
  • Timings are from 10 AM in the morning till 2 PM (Sharjah) in the evening and afternoon 3 PM till evening 7 PM (Ajman).
  • Reporting time starts from the pick-up point on wards.



  • Tour Duration : 4 Hours
  • Pick-up Time : 10 AM - 10:30 AM / 3:00 PM - 3:30PM.
  • Drop-off Time : 2:30PM / 7:30PM.
  • Reporting Time : 9 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Pick-up Point : Hotel/Residence in Dubai



  • Some of the tourist spots might be closed for visits on weekends and on holidays.
  • Tour cancellation 48 hours before the starting of the tour, you will receive your full payment back.
  • Tour cancellation before 24 hours before the starting of the tour, you will receive half of your payment back and 50% cancellation charges will also be applied at the same time.
  • Tour cancellation within 24 hours before the starting of the tour, full amount will be applicable and no refund will be issued.


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